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Working with Aggression

Behaviour Modification

Types of aggression

Functional Analysis

The Working with Aggression Course is a comprehensive educational programme for professional dog trainers and behaviourists, that will provide you with the required knowledge and skills for working with aggressive behaviours in dogs.  
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Develop your professional skills

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field

What's included?

  • 8 Units
  • 1 Certification
  • Expert Tuition
  • Videos
  • Access to learner groups

Raise your game

You will learn how to analyse aggressive behaviours, assess the function and context of the behaviour, and create effective behaviour modification plans.

Assess risk, save lives

You will also learn how to assess risk, manage potential dangers and by doing so reduce the likelihood of relinquishment.
Meet the instructor

Emma-Jane Lee

Emma-Jane Lee is a teacher, writer, assessment consultant and canine behaviourist based in SW France. She is a trustee in one of France’s largest animal shelters, working on pre-intake, surrenders, in-shelter protocols, bridging contracts and post-adoption support. Her work as a behaviourist is mainly with post-bite referrals and dogs presenting a high level of aggression.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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