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We provide opportunities for students to learn in an effective way by getting hands on experience with international rescues. We offer international field trips for students to experience what life is like for animals outside of their home countries.

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We help people to learn and progress in their careers by offering high quality learning experiences.

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With a blend of hands on experience working with animals in shelters and enjoying local hospitality, these trips are the best of both worlds.

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These trips provide opportunities to network and talk to colleagues in other countries about their experiences of working with animals in a different context.

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  • Experience cultural differences  

Our field trips help you understand the cultural differences of working with animals in other countries, giving broader perspectives on the needs of animals globally

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Whether you want to start a career with animals or master a specific field, we have the tools, resources, curriculum and amazing experiences to help you succeed!

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A phenomenal experience that exceeded my expectations and challenged my views on what I believed shelter life was like for foreign rescue dogs. A perfect balance of touring the shelters, spending 1 on 1 time with dogs, cocktails, sea therapy, and thoughtful conversation. Teresa was an exceptional, attentive, host and I have made friends for life with the other DGI students on the trip. I cannot wait to come back!

Maizey Spinks

I have had the most incredible time in Cyprus. It’s been sadly emotional although equally as happy and funny, sharing it with awesome humans who i can now call friends. I feel so motivated again, and certainly saw some things that have given me food for thought. Rescue is tough but done well, the dogs can live happy lives whilst waiting to be rehomed. We saw things that made us sad but equally saw things that made us smile! I have been lucky to have this time and I can put my learnings into my course as well as life.

Alison Greenwood

What an amazing experience. The whole trip has made me totally reassess what I want to do in my business. It really made me even more determined to focus on supporting rescue centres and adopters. I had got very stuck in my work and now feel excited for the future and to have found new friends with the same passion for all things dogs 🐶 Teresa was an amazing host and of course Cyprus is beautiful. I would happily do it all again.

Karen Henley

Massive thank you to Teresa for an unforgettable week on the DoGenius residential field trip. We got to visit shelters, work with some of the dogs and about what life is like for dogs in Cyprus. It was so lovely to be able to meet fellow DoGenius students in person. Already looking forward to the next trip!

Stephanie Costello

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