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The DoGenius Institute is committed to creating, delivering and continuously improving effective learning to all communities on non-human animal behaviour, training and needs. We are dedicated to promoting online knowledge and awareness of the demands of the ever changing human/animal concept and trends for professional and ethical competency.

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Our vision is to be the education provider most admired for its people, partnership and performance. Our vision means we:

  • Deliver the best selection of online courses and English/European qualifications that enhance animal welfare and ethical human professional development throughout the world
  • Provide tutors with superior capabilities and commitment to mutually harmonious human/animal relationships
  • Are the learning provider of choice for those who share our animal-centric ethos
  • Offer a world class learning experience for people at all levels
  • Earn the admiration of our industry professionals, contributors and learners, not only for the goals we achieve but how we achieve them
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We help you fuel your personal development by offering quality, science-based, ethical courses.

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Courses are up-to-date, science-based and ethical.

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We have one of the most highly qualified group of tutors outside a University environment.

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We network with Higher Ed educators regularly including dog behaviour experts, decision makers, strategist, course developers and more.

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We provide excellent customer service through the design, creation and delivery of targeted educational programs.

Our Patrons

To offer top quality training and support, we believe it’s key to partner with the best in our industry across business and education sectors.

Dr Jessica Pierce

Dr Jessica Pierce is a bioethicist and faculty affiliate at the Center for Bioethics and Humanities at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. She is the author of eleven books, including The Last Walk: Reflections on Our Pets at the Ends of Their Lives and Run, Spot, Run: The Ethics of Keeping Pets, and has published essays in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Guardian. She is a regular contributor to Psychology Today ( Her newest book, Unleashing Your Dog: How to Give Your Canine Companion the Best Possible Life, (with Marc Bekoff) was released by New World Library in spring of 2019. Her website is

Craig Ogilvie

Internationally renowned seminar leader and author Craig Ogilvie is a highly experienced Certified Canine Behaviour Consultant and Trainer, former Police Dog Training Instructor and Mondioring Decoy. Having spent a great deal of time training and testing working dogs in locations all over Europe, Craig very quickly went on to achieve a unique accreditation. Craig was the first person from the U.K to be licensed to test and train dogs internationally in the working dog sport called Mondioring: which consists of obedience, agility and criminal apprehension. Craig is one of the very few experienced and qualified Civilian Police Dog Training Instructors in the U.K. and has worked for the police full time as a dog training instructor. He has delivered seminars to multiple police dog sections along with the U.K Military working dog teams. Craig’s passion and study of dog behaviour and training has led him to becoming a board certified canine behaviourist and trainer, with much of his time focused on working around problematic behaviours in dogs, problem solving, motivation and the power of positive reinforcement. Craig’s journey has helped dogs and people all over the world via seminars, workshops and online training for professionals and enthusiasts alike.Craig developed techniques that allowed him to adjust and adapt to each dog’s needs which allowed him to captivate each dogs focus and enhance his ability to communicate with them. Craig’s unique techniques built remarkable relationships with the dogs in a very short space of time.Craig is the author of The Interactive Play Guide released by First Stone Publishing in 2017. http://CraigOgilvieDogTraining

Meet your team

Our qualified & certified trainers, behaviourists & anthrozoologists, will use their skills & techniques to nurture your online learning journey. 

Meet Beatriz

Dr. Teresa Tyler PhD, MA, Grad Dip ABM, Dip CB, VN, IQA, EQA
Dr Teresa Tyler is the Director of The DoGenius Institute. She received her PhD in Anthrozoology in 2021 from the University of Exeter. As an anthroozologist, animal behaviourist, veterinary nurse and human psychotherapist, she has a keen interest in human/canine interactions. She is an Ofqual subject matter expert in animal behaviour and welfare.
Teresa has developed the Dogenius Institute to provide opportunities for people wanting to understand, work and share their lives with animals from an animal-centric perspective. The courses encourage the recognition of other animals as ethically significant beings, and that an understanding of these interactions, is a moral imperative. She is based in Cyprus where she also works as a writer, teacher and canine behaviourist.
Dr. Emily Stone. PhD, MA. BA.
Dr Emily Stone received her PhD in Anthrozoology from the University of Exeter in 2020. Her PhD research was focused on the breeding and exhibiting of pedigree cats in the UK, exploring the ethics, practices and discourses within the activity. With a previous background in feline welfare, Emily is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow whose research interests revolve around the ethics and complexities of human-companion animal relationships, particularly those involving cats. She hopes to expand our understanding of who cats are as a species and as individuals to improve their overall wellbeing, as well as our relationships with them. 

Meet Viktor

Emma-Jane Lee. B.A.(Hons), P.G.C.E. Process Consultancy, IAABC (CSB-D)
Emma-Jane Lee is a teacher, writer, assessment consultant and canine behaviourist based in the UK. She is a trustee in one of France’s largest animal shelters, working on pre-intake, surrenders, in-shelter protocols, bridging contracts and post-adoption support. Her work as a behaviourist is mainly with post-bite referrals and dogs presenting a high level of aggression. 

Deb Bennison BSc PGCE PG Award (CAB Edin) CAB (ICB)
Deb has been a science and psychology teacher for over three decades. She now works both as a tutor and as a dog behaviourist. She is a full member of International Canine Behaviourists (ICB) and is registered as a Certified Animal Behaviourist with them.
She continues to study Clinical Animal Behaviour at postgraduate level and is fascinated with how emerging science can be used to improve the lives of our companion animals. As an experienced teacher she also understands the importance of helping students to learn in ways that work to their individual strengths and learning styles. 

Meet Alysia

Irene Perrett. MA, Cert Ed., BHS IV SM.

Irene’s involvement with rescue dogs resonates with her long-held passion to better understand human and more-than-human relations. She has a background in equine education, contributing to the development of equine courses and is a Pony Club AH assessor. Irene works with horses and their guardians to engender an empathetic and educated approach. It was a Romanian rescue dog who sparked her desire to research and study canines, with qualifications in teaching, training, bereavement, animal cruelty and well-being. She gained an Advanced Diploma in Canine Psychology and Behaviour in 2018, an Anthrozoology MA in 2022 and is currently a PhD student at the University of Exeter. She has a particular interest in the well-being and rights of human and non-human animals, and engendering cohesive interspecies relationships. Irene lives with and fosters Romanian rescue dogs and can often be found walking with them over Exmoor.

Rebecca Hanlon. Level 3 Dip CBM, Level 4 Ed & Training
Rebecca works as a tutor, course writer, and senior support worker in the mental health sector for 20yrs.  She has brought these skills into working with and advocating for dogs. She runs international workshops, conferences and seminars, for people who want to learn more about dogs, focusing on the dog's perspective. She also runs an online learning platform for passionate guardians wanting to build better relationships with their dogs. Good communication, empowerment and the need for advocacy are still her core passions when working with any sentient beings, humans or other.

Sue Lefevre. Grad Dip ABM, IQA, EQA

Sue Lefevre is a certified animal behaviourist based in Kent, UK. She is a former Chair of ICAN: International Companion Animal Network and is a former board member of International Canine Behaviourists (ICB) and was one of the ICB representatives in the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter Group. As a canine behaviourist she works with mostly rescue and reactive dogs.

Sonia Catherall Dip ACBM, CAB (ICB)

Sonia is a Certified Canine Behaviourist with ICB. She also holds a range of training qualifications and is an ACE Associate Tutor and a City & Guilds Scentwork Instructor. She has many years of experience training both dogs and their humans; helping to build strong trusting relationships. In particular, she specialises in dogs who’s behaviour stems from being overwhelmed by the intensity of their lives. Both ends of the lead need to work together in these cases, and Sonia has the expertise to support the challenge of building trust and finding harmony.

Darren Voss

Darren Voss has career background in the maritime industry, where he started out as a Marine Engineer, but as his career developed, he found a passion for training and mentoring, enjoying the challenge of delivering learning to a cross discipline of multi-national professionals. He also has a passion for animals in his home life and hopes that he can bring his professional background and skills to help those on their journey in helping improve animals' lives.

Stephanie Costello MSc, BSc

Stephanie received her BSc in Vet Nursing in 2015, before going on to complete a MSc in Sustainable Resource Management. She has worked in dog rescue in Ireland for several years where she continued her education in canine training and behaviour (and picked up 3 rescue cats and 3 rescue dogs along the way). Stephanie believes in a compassionate and consent-based approach to interactions with non-human animals and is motivated to develop this within the animal care sector.

Course Contributors & Authors

Dr. Andrea Breen. PhD. M.Ed., B.Ed.

Dr. Andrea Breen is Associate Professor of Family Relations and Human Development, and co-founder of the new FIDO (Families Interacting with Dogs) research group at the University of Guelph. She has a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology and Education (Toronto), an Ed.M in Risk and Prevention (Harvard), and a B.Ed. in Secondary Education (McGill). She is also an ISCP accredited dog trainer. She lives in Toronto with her partner, 2 children and 2 dogs.

Dr. Frances McCormack, PhD, MA, MA, BATheol (Hons), Dip, Dip.

Dr Frances McCormack, is an English lecturer living in the West of Ireland. She has an MA and PhD in medieval English literature, and an MA in Academic Practice. She is a multi-award winning teacher. She has a particular interest in the rehabilitation of rescue dogs, especially those from hoarding situations and barren environments, and she volunteers with an Irish dog rescue. She lives with her partner, five cats, and an adolescent Border Collie.

Kerry Herbert, MA, BSc(Hons), PGCE.

Kerry is an Anthrozoologist, greyhound advocate and sighthound specialist whose work sits within the context of scholarly activism. Her work predominantly focuses on helping former racing greyhounds to navigate new lives as companions and calling for new narratives around the care of some of these traumatised individuals. Kerry’s scholarly work is informed by her frontline experiences of living with, caring about and advocating for this vulnerable population of dogs.

Robyn Jones, RVN

My name is Robyn Jones and I qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in 2017, I have competed post graduate certificates in nursing of Exotic and Wildlife species and have also recently completed a post graduate certificate in Nursing Surgical Patients. I work in a small animal practice in Wales as a full time nurse and Clinical Coach training student veterinary nurses during their placement.
I also have a keen interest in Canine behaviour and compete in multiple dog sports with my 11 dogs. 

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