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Level 6 Diploma in Dog Behaviour & Training

This is an advanced academic course for those who want to be dog behaviour specialists. 
Enrolment for the next course will be 1st -30th January 2024.

What's included?

  • 13 Modules
  • 1 Certification
  • 13 Expert lectures
  • Theory & Practical Elements
  • Business Planning

Become a dog behaviour specialist

This course consists of theory and practical training. The theory is studied online with full tutor support and one to one tuition, via an interactive learning platform. Practical training is interspersed throughout the course alongside in-depth, science based theory. This Level 6 is regulated by UKRuralSkills. This ensures validity, quality and that the stated Level is correct by qualification standards.
Additional learning, discussion and peer support is provided through our active private Facebook group and monthly peer-group discussions.

Entrance Criteria

Learners are advised to have completed an industry recognised Level 5 qualification in Canine Behaviour or related qualification in the biological sciences or psychology. Interviews may be held for applicants. The minimum age for access to this qualification is 18 years of age. 
There is a 2 year completion time which can be extended by purchasing monthly extensions if required.

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