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The Canine Practitioner Survival Guide

The must have survival guide for animal trainers, behaviourists and practitioners.
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What's included?

  • 1.5hrs Expert Webinar
  • 1 Certification
  • 1 Video

Become a Confident Practitioner 

You will learn how to develop, organise and implement training and behaviour techniques that work for you, analyse and measure the effectiveness of alternative methods, manage your workload and stress.

Personal development

You will also learn how to put your own ideas  into action and build your own personal way of working effectively with clients.

Course Content

Meet the instructor

Rebecca Hanlon

Rebecca Hanlon. Level 3 Dip CBM, Level 4 Ed & Training

Rebecca works as a tutor, course writer, and senior support worker in the mental health sector for 20yrs. She also specialises in communication and person centred planning, advocating for hundreds of individuals. She has brought these skills into working with and advocating for dogs. She runs international workshops, conferences and seminars, for people who want to learn more about dogs, focusing on the dogs perspective. She also runs an online learning platform for passionate guardians wanting to build better relationships with their dogs. Good communication, empowerment and the need for advocacy are still her core passions when working with any sentient beings, humans or other.

Patrick Jones - Course author

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Diploma in Professional Dog Training

This comprehensive course covers many of the complex aspects to becoming a dog trainer. The course applies the science-based theory of training dogs and as importantly, humans, in practical ways, using positive methods.

Human Canine Interactions

The aim of the course is to provide learners with an academically challenging learning experience that enhances their work in the role of canine behaviourist or dog trainer. It is designed to build upon an existing knowledge of canine behaviour and human interactions but provide a much greater depth of understanding, that goes way beyond the subject matter. The course introduces learners to a more holistic and global perspective of human/dog interaction and encourages critical analysis of theory and personal experience.

Revolutions in Reactivity  

This is an advanced course for professionals working with reactive behaviours in dogs. 
You'll already be coming to this with a solid foundation in learning theory, including motivating states, functional analysis, ethology, classical conditioning, extinction processes and operant conditioning.

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