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Human Canine Interactions

This Level 6 course has been created to provide learners with an academically challenging learning experience that enhances their work in the role of canine behaviourist or dog trainer. It is designed to build upon an existing knowledge of canine behaviour and human interactions but provide a much greater depth of understanding, that goes way beyond the subject matter. The course will introduce you to a more holistic and global perspective of human/dog interaction and encourages critical analysis of theory and personal experience. It should be noted that participants may need to be able to present case studies as part of the course and have a basic understanding of research methods. Potential students will have to demonstrate their ability to study at this level (level 6: Bachelor Degree) before being accepted. A long standing, knowledge or experience of dogs alone, will not be accepted as adequate criteria to register on this programme without prior study, although each case will be judged on its own merit.
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  • Monthly 1-2-1's with your Tutor.
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  • Peer Review Groups.
  • Study Groups
  • Enriched Learning.
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Course Content

Meet the Course Co-Ordinator

Dr Teresa Tyler

Dr. Teresa Tyler PhD, MA, Grad Dip ABM, Dip CB, VN, IQA, EQA  

Dr Teresa Tyler is the Director of The DoGenius Institute. She received her PhD in Anthrozoology in 2021 from the University of Exeter. As an anthroozologist, animal behaviourist, veterinary nurse and human psychotherapist, she has a keen interest in human/canine interactions. She is an Ofqual subject matter expert in animal behaviour and welfare. Teresa has developed the Dogenius Institute to provide opportunities for people wanting to understand, work and share their lives with animals from an animal-centric perspective. The courses encourage the recognition of other animals as ethically significant beings, and that an understanding of these interactions, is a moral imperative. She is based in Cyprus where she also works as a writer, teacher and canine behaviourist.
This course has other contributing tutors including  Emma-Jane Lee, Dr Andrea Breen &  Dr Emily Stone.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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