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Muzzle Training

Training a dog to be comfortable and happy to wear a muzzle is no different to training a dog to be happy wearing a harness.
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A Muzzle Can Be a Lifesaver

A muzzle can be a life saver by preventing dogs from eating rocks, sticks, and other objects that can obstruct the gastrointestinal system.  A muzzle can be used as part of behaviour modification by providing it as a piece of safety equipment while working on creating good behaviours and building confidence. It can keep dogs out of trouble if they react to other dogs or people on walks. And with proper training, it can be low stress and fun to wear.

Learn How to Muzzle Train Your Dog

The goal with conditioning your dog to a muzzle is that if your dog should ever have to wear a muzzle, it will not cause additional stress to an already stressful situation. For example, imagine transporting a painful dog after a car accident, dog fight or other trauma; they can bite out of fear or pain.This step by step course will teach you how to get your dog to love wearing a muzzle. It is completed online at your own pace.

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Sue Lefevre

Sue Lefevre. Grad Dip ABM, IQA, EQA  

Sue is a certified animal behaviourist based in Kent, UK. She is a former Chair of ICAN: International Companion Animal Network and is a former board member of International Canine Behaviourists (ICB) and was one of the ICB representatives in the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter Group. As a canine behaviourist she works with mostly rescue and reactive dogs.  
Patrick Jones - Course author

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