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The Truth About Extinction

This course is for any trainer who works with problem behaviours. It will unravel the mysteries of extinction, challenge some of the myths and teach you about the emotional and behavioural consequences of extinction processes.

What's included?

  • 3 hrs of lectures
  • 1 Certification
  • 2 Videos
  • Expert tuition

Understand the types and role of extinction

In this 3-hour course, you will learn what respondent and operant extinction processes are, and their role in behaviour modification. You will also learn about the behavioural and emotional consequences of extinction procedures, as well as where trainers and guardians may inadvertently be using extinction procedures without realising it. You'll also consider how extinction procedures are used with canine behaviour and what the costs may be. 

Put theory into practice

The course covers the limitations of extinction from technical, emotional and ethical perspectives. It uses our understanding of extinction processes to offer solutions to these tensions that meet the needs of the animal without compromising their welfare. This course is of particular relevance to trainers involved in the treatment of 'problem' behaviours or technicians involved in behaviour modification. 
Meet the instructor

Emma-Jane Lee

Emma-Jane Lee is a teacher, writer, assessment consultant and canine behaviourist based in SW France. She is a trustee in one of France’s largest animal shelters, working on pre-intake, surrenders, in-shelter protocols, bridging contracts and post-adoption support. Her work as a behaviourist is mainly with post-bite referrals and dogs presenting a high level of aggression.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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