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Weight Management for Dogs

The Weight Management Course for Dogs is a self-taught informational course, that provides valuable insights into understanding the nutritional requirements of dogs and effective methods for managing their weight. Through this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the essentials involved in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight for your dog. It covers various aspects such as different types of diets, exercise routines, mental health considerations, and the significance of providing enrichment. By completing this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge needed to ensure your dog's overall well-being.
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Course Content

Meet the instructor

Rebecca Hanlon

Rebecca Hanlon. Level 3 Dip CBM, Level 4 Ed & Training

Rebecca works as a tutor, course writer, and senior support worker in the mental health sector for 20yrs. She also specialises in communication and person centred planning, advocating for hundreds of individuals. She has brought these skills into working with and advocating for dogs. She runs international workshops, conferences and seminars, for people who want to learn more about dogs, focusing on the dogs perspective. She also runs an online learning platform for passionate guardians wanting to build better relationships with their dogs. Good communication, empowerment and the need for advocacy are still her core passions when working with any sentient beings, humans or other.

Patrick Jones - Course author

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