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Nosework Fundamentals

Nosework Fundamentals is the beginning of your scentwork journey!
The course has been designed for beginners and guardians who want to learn more about how they and their dogs can enjoy the enriching activities of tracking, search and rescue and scentwork detection. Presented by guest Jack Fenton.
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What's included?

  • 4 Modules
  • 4 In-depth video lectures
  • 6 Practical video tutorials
  •  Units with theory and practical elements
  • Downloadable course content
  • 1 Certification

Learn about nosework  

By the end of the theoretical units you will be able to:

-Explain what 'Scentwork' is and how it is used in a variety of 'dog jobs' across the world.
-Identify the three key elements of Scentwork - Search, Scent ID and Indication.
-Discuss what equipment you'll need to do Scentwork with your dog, and how to keep you and your dog safe while working.
-Implement three practical Scentwork exercises to do with your dog in your daily life.
-Identify the benefits dogs gain when doing consistent Scentwork practice.
-Troubleshoot basic issues that may arise during Mantrailing practice.

Become an effective nosework handler

By the end of the practical units you will be able to:

-Understand and explain the physiology and function of your dog's nose.
-Identify how scent moves in the environment, and how your dog can process it.
-How your dog uses scent to navigate their daily life.
-Understand the differences between and benefits of Mantrailing, Tracking and Scentwork.
-Implement nine practical Nosework exercises into your day to day life with your dog.
-Understand how these exercises will improve your relationship with your dog.
-Identify and use these exercises to improve your dog's overall behaviour and fulfill their needs.

Course Content

Meet the course creator

Jack Fenton

Jack is an assistance dog and nosework trainer based in Dorset, who specialises in working with anxious and reactive dogs. Utilising a stress-free, emotions based approach, Jack is focused on ensuring that both the caregiver and their dog are able to become their ideal selves. He is qualified with a variety of organisations including the UK College of Scent Dogs, and is currently studying a Bsc in Psychology with the Open University. Jack has lectured for various organisations including the Pet Professional Network and Dog Training College, has appeared in various publications such as The Mirror, and has worked with hundreds of dogs in his six year career. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

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