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Lives of Streeties

Webinar- by Sindhoor Pangal

In this talk, Sindhoor will explain a bit about the living conditions of street dogs in India, bust a few myths about them and then talk about two ethological studies that were carried out by team. The first study was to understand the activity budget of free ranging dogs. The second was to document their responsiveness to subtle human gestures.
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  • 1 Webinar

Learn about human canine interactions 

Sindhoor gives a unique perspective on the street dogs of India

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Sindhoor Pangal

Sindhoor is a canine behaviour consultant, a canine myotherapist and an engineer by qualification. She quit her corporate life as a VP of a silicon valley based start up, to pursue a career with working with dogs, after her dog Nishi met with an accident and needed special physical and emotional care. While she started working as a behaviour and myotherapy consultant for companion dogs, her passion is ethological studies of free ranging dogs in India. Her studies have been published in the IAABC journal and the PPG blog in the US, was presented at the PDTE summit in the UK and was mentioned in the book Canine Confidential by Dr. Marc Bekoff. She currently is the principal and director of BHARCS and her focus is on educating pet parents and professionals on canine behaviour and ethology. BHARCS offers a one of its kind, UK accredited level 4 diploma on canine behaviour and ethology. BHARCS attracts students from all over the country and the world and today boasts of students from all parts of India and across the globe. While she wears many hats, being mommy to two amazing dogs - Nishi and Cheeru, who she considers her inspiration and her greatest teachers, is her favourite role.
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