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LIFE Least Inhibitive, Functionally Effective

Join Dr Eduardo. J. Fernandez and discover this new approach to ethical animal training and why it matters.

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Why is LIMA not ok?

You will learn why LIMA is no longer an acceptable training framework in terms of animal welfare.

The importance of functional effectiveness

You will also learn how to focus more on what we can ask the animal to do instead, rather than focussing on reducing behaviours.
Meet the instructor

Dr Eduardo J Fernandez

Eduardo J. Fernandez is a Senior Lecturer of Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare in the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences at the University of Adelaide (Australia). He received his Ph.D. in Psychology (minors in Neuroscience and Animal Behavior) from Indiana University, where he worked with the Indianapolis and Cincinnati Zoo. Most of his past and current work involves behavioral research applied to the welfare and training of zoo, aquarium, and companion animals. 
He currently runs the Operant Welfare Lab (OWL), which is dedicated to the use of learning principles to improve the lives of animals. OWL is also part of the broader Animal Behaviour, Welfare, and Anthrozoology Lab (ABWAL; Many of Eduardo’s past publications, research projects, and presentations can be found on his ResearchGate profile:
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