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A New Puppy

Health & Well-being


Early Training

Our guide to puppy care will help you give your puppy the best start in life, and avoid any potential problems later on.

What's included?

  • Self-Taught Course
  • 1 Certification

Become the Best Pup Parent 

You will learn how to care for new arrival in all the essential ways from early toilet training to the critical socialisation needs.

Giving Them the Best Start

You will also learn how to avoid creating problems for later life by getting it right now.
Meet the instructor

Sue Lefevre

Sue Lefevre is a certified animal behaviourist based in Kent, UK. She is a former Chair of ICAN: International Companion Animal Network and is a board member of International Canine Behaviourists (ICB) and is one of the ICB representatives in the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter Group. As a canine behaviourist she works with mostly rescue and reactive dogs.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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