Student Code of Conduct

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1. Introduction
1.1 The The DoGenius Institute is committed to providing a positive experience for all students, where individuals are treated with courtesy and consideration and where difference is valued and diversity respected. All students and staff have the right to live, study, work and relax in an environment where they feel safe.

1.2 As members of the The DoGenius Institute community, we expect the highest standards of behaviour from our students, whether on The DoGenius Institute online platforms or elsewhere. All members of the The DoGenius Institute should be aware of their own behaviour and how it impacts others. This Code sets out the standards of behaviour expected from students and also guidance on what is and what is not acceptable and how unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with.

1.3 Where students fail to abide by the required standards of behaviour, action will be taken under the Student Disciplinary Regulations.

1.4 Any complaints of unacceptable behaviour made by students will be taken seriously and, if substantiated, may provide grounds for action under the Student Disciplinary Regulations or the Staff Disciplinary Procedure as appropriate. Equally, the The DoGenius Institute will take appropriate action for any vexatious or malicious allegations.

2. Policy statement on violence, abuse and harassment
2.1 All students and staff have the right to live, study, work and relax in an environment where they are free from any form of violence, abuse or harassment and where their body, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, sexuality and personal boundaries are respected.

2.2 No student or staff member should be forced to just ‘put up’ with violent or abusive behaviour from others, threats of such behaviour or any forms of abuse or harassment. This includes sexual violence, abuse and harassment, and any violence, abuse or harassment as a result of racial or religious hatred or prejudice relating to sexuality or gender. Action must be taken where necessary to ensure all students and staff are able to enjoy The DoGenius Institute life without experiencing these.

2.3 Any harassment will not be tolerated by the The DoGenius Institute, and those who commit or threaten acts of harassment should be stopped (i.e. their behaviour challenged) and disciplined as appropriate for their actions.

2.4 Students who have been the victims of any form of violence, abuse or harassment, including sexual violence, sexual assault, threats of violence or harassment based on race, religion or other protected characteristics such as gender identity or sexuality, can seek the help of Student Services. Student Services will offer appropriate support and also help report any issues as appropriate. Students should also make a complaint if appropriate and guidance on how to deal with these issues is set out in the Guidance on Dealing with Unacceptable Behaviour.

2.5 The The DoGenius Institute is aware that sexual violence and sexual harassment are predominantly aimed at women. However, the The DoGenius Institute recognises that all students may be the target of such behaviour and the The DoGenius Institute will aim to support all students regardless of gender or sexuality. All students who are the target of racial abuse and harassment will also be supported equally.

3. Behaviour towards others
3.1 You should treat all The DoGenius Institute staff, students and visitors with courtesy and respect.

3.2 You should respect other members’ basic rights to work and live in a safe, secure environment, free from anxiety, fear, intimidation and harassment.

3.3 You should ensure that you behave in a manner compatible with the The DoGenius Institute's Equality and Diversity statement and not discriminate or harass anyone on the basis of their age, disability, gender re-assignment, marital status, pregnancy, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

3.4 On no occasion should you use personally abusive, threatening or violent behaviour either in person, through the The DoGenius Institute's online platforms, or through the use of email, texts or social media.

4. Safety and Security
4.1 The DoGenius Institute owes a duty of care to its students and staff and, as far as is reasonably practical, seeks to ensure that the The DoGenius Institute is a safe place to work and study. Students are required to comply with reasonable instructions from any member of staff and to observe the safety regulations of the The DoGenius Institute

5. Compliance with Policies and Regulations 5.1 You should comply with any other published The DoGenius Institute policies, codes or procedures which are designed to ensure the effective operation of the The DoGenius Institute You should make yourself familiar with and abide by the The DoGenius Institute's Policy and Regulations in particular:
a) Academic Regulations, particularly the Academic Offences Regulations
b) Internet and email codes of practice
c) The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
d) Health and Safety Regulations and Fire Regulations and the Covid-19 secure guidelines

6. Discipline
6.1 Disciplinary procedures may be invoked if it is alleged that a student has committed misconduct, examples of which may include the following:
a) Abusive, threatening or unreasonable behaviour or assault and/or behaviour which causes fear or distress to others either in person or online;
b) sexual violence, abuse or harassment;
c) racial or religious violence, abuse or harassment or other racist activity or behaviour;
d) violence, abuse or harassment relating to sexual orientation
e) violence, abuse or harassment relating to a person’s gender identify or gender re-assignment; f) damage to The DoGenius Institute property or the property of any student or member of staff;
g) any action likely to cause injury to any person or impairing the safety of persons, including fighting on The DoGenius Institute premises. 
h) conduct that interferes with the academic or administrative activities of the The DoGenius Institute, such as disruption of teaching, research, examinations, working of staff and other services;
i) falsification or misuse of qualifications including The DoGenius Institute records, including award certificates
j) misappropriation or misuse of The DoGenius Institute or assets or those of others;
k) false pretence or impersonation of others within or without the The DoGenius Institute in connection with academic attainments or financial awards
l) offering, promising, giving, receiving or soliciting a financial, academic or other advantage or favour as a means to influencing the actions of others
m) conduct, which brings the The DoGenius Institute into disrepute.

6.2 The above list is not intended to be exhaustive but outlines what the The DoGenius Institute considers to be unacceptable behaviour.

7. Disciplinary procedures
7.1 The Disciplinary Procedures will be followed where there is a breach of the Code of Conduct. 7.2 Appendix A of the Disciplinary Procedures outlines unacceptable behaviours and what sanctions may be imposed where instances of it are found through the disciplinary investigation. The appendix is illustrative only and a full list of the sanctions which may be imposed by the The DoGenius Institute are set out in the Disciplinary Regulations. There will be instances when certain behaviours which would usually be considered to be minor are in fact very serious and will require a more serious sanction and there will be instances when certain behaviours which would usually be considered to be serious are in fact minor and will require a less serious sanction.
7.3 Multiple or repeated incidents of misconduct may be more serious than a single act of misconduct and previous findings will be taken into account when determining what sanction should be imposed.

8. Precautionary action and suspension from the The DoGenius Institute
8.1 Where students are being investigated under the Student Disciplinary Regulations, they may be suspended as a precautionary measure if it is considered that it is necessary to protect them, the integrity of the investigation and or other students from harm. Precautionary action will be reasonable and proportionate and may include: imposing conditions on accused students (for example, requiring an accused student not to contact the reporting student); suspending accused students from their studies;

8.2 These actions are a precautionary measure only. It is not a penalty or sanction and does not indicate that the The DoGenius Institute has concluded that the accused student has committed a breach of discipline or a criminal offence. Any precautionary actions taken will be reviewed on a regular basis.

8.3 Where precautionary actions are taken, the student has the right of appeal against these or to request that they be reviewed when new evidence is available.

8.4 More details on precautionary action, and how to appeal a suspension are outlined in the Student Disciplinary Procedures.

9. Conviction for a criminal offence
9.1 Students should always declare when they receive a conviction. Where a student has been convicted of a criminal offence during their studies at the The DoGenius Institute, consideration will be given as to whether this affects their status as a student at the The DoGenius Institute. Coming to this decision, the The DoGenius Institute will consider particularly the nature of the offence and whether other students or staff are at risk. It will also consider whether the actions of the student have brought the institution into disrepute.  
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