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Guidance for students aged under 18 on entry and their parents/guardians


The DoGenius Ltd is committed to the safety and well-being of all its students. Students who are under 18 are regarded as minors under UK law. We, therefore, ask that you and your parents/guardians consider the following points before deciding whether to accept our offer of a place:


1. The DoGenius Ltd does not assume parental responsibility for a student under the age of 18. Students and their families should be aware that the DoGenius Ltd is an online adult environment. Students are expected to behave like adults and to assume adult levels of responsibility.


2. The DoGenius Ltd requires parents/guardians’ consent before admitting students under the age of 18. By providing such consent, they confirm that they understand and accept this is the environment in which their child will be studying, and that their child has the required level of maturity required to study in such an environment.


3Students who are under 18 have the legal capacity to enter into contracts for education and will be liable for fees and charges payable under those contracts. Parents are asked to guarantee obligations under any other contracts with the DoGenius Ltd for which those under 18 do not have the requisite legal capacity.


4. It is the DoGenius Ltd’s usual policy that it deals with students (with whom it has a contractual relationship) and not with parents. This approach will also usually apply to students who are under the age of 18 and the DoGenius Ltd will correspond directly with the students, rather than parents/guardians.


5Although those under 18 are regarded as minors under the law, they still have the right under the Data Protection Act for information about them not to be disclosed without their consent or as otherwise permitted by the Data Protection Act. This means that the DoGenius Ltd is not able to give information to parents or guardians regarding the student's progress, results or any other personal circumstances unless the student has given their specific consent. Insofar as the parent/guardian has guaranteed the student’s obligations, the DoGenius Ltd may correspond with the parent/guardian in respect of any liability under those guarantor arrangements.


6. Any suspicions or allegations of abuse of students who are under 18 will be handled and reported as necessary and appropriate in accordance with the DoGenius Ltd’s Safeguarding Children Policy.


7. The Director will be notified, prior to registration, of any student within their School who will be under the age of 18 on entry to the DoGenius Ltd. The student’s personal tutor will be notified; other staff may be also notified as necessary and appropriate.


8. The expectations of a parent or Guardian are that they:

  • are the named contact in case of a medical emergency
  • provide ongoing support to the student
  • contact the student at least once a week
  • contact the DoGenius Ltd if they have concerns about the student being ill and missing studies/tutorials
  • contact the DoGenius Ltd with any other concerns about the student


Parents/guardians should assure themselves that the guardian is suitable and the DoGenius Ltd accepts no liability or responsibility in respect of the arrangements between parents and guardian.


Latest review: 02/11/23
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