Student Charter

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The DoGenius Institute aims to inspire students to become innovative professionals, connecting them to exciting and rewarding careers. Everything we do is designed to equip you with both the academic knowledge and practical skills to succeed in your chosen career. We work in close partnership with the Awarding Body in order to achieve this and provide personal as well as professional development. This Charter underlines the commitments we make and what we expect from you.

The DoGenius Institute undertakes to:

  • Develop a culture of mutual respect, equality of opportunity and professionalism between staff and students and colleagues


The DoGenius Institute undertakes to provide:

  • High standards of teaching and academic support, advice and guidance.
  • Access to activities, including placements, work experience and volunteering, to enhance employability and personal development.
  • A personal tutor who supports you in your academic studies.
  • Opportunities and support for feedback and formal student representation and participation so that students’ views can be represented in course management and development and wider academic policy and review.
  • Signposting to student support services


The DoGenius Institute undertakes to provide the following information:

  • Course content which details assessment criteria, contact hours, mode of delivery of course, assessment arrangements and professional requirements (where appropriate).
  • Clear guidance in handbooks and the student portal on regulations, academic guidance and support, appeals and complaints procedures.
  • Clear timeframes for assignments and feedback on submitted work.
  • Clear communication around changes to timetables, cancelled classes, re-scheduling of content etc.
  • Course fees and any additional costs, payment options and deadlines as well as entitlements to scholarships and bursaries.


You should undertake to:

  • Take responsibility for managing your own learning, actively engaging in your course, participating fully in learning activities and ensuring that you spend sufficient regular time in private study.
  • Treat staff and other students with courtesy and respect.
  • Engage with the induction, attend meetings with personal tutors and peers.
  • Submit assessed work by stated deadlines and ensure you are familiar with the guidance around plagiarism.
  • Provide feedback to improve teaching and learning through the student representative system, module feedback and the national student survey to ensure student views are heard.
  • Pay tuition fees and any other charges promptly where required.
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