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Shay Kelly Presents: Canine Enrichment and the Link to Wellbeing

Shay Kelly MSc delves into the fascinating world of canine enrichment and its impact on emotional wellbeing.

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  • 1 Webinar

Learn why oflactory enrichment is so important

Discover how you can enhance your dog's life through stimulating activities and environments. Shay, a renowned expert in the field, will share valuable insights and practical tips to keep your canine companion happy and emotionally fulfilled.

Understand about choice & agency

Shay defines agency and choice for dogs, and how you can improve your dog's confidence and relationship with you.
Meet the instructor

Shay Kelly MSc

Shay Kelly is an animal behaviour consultant and author of three books: Canine Enrichment: the book your dog needs you to read, Dog Training & Behaviour: a guide for everyone, and Puppy Nurture: raising your puppy with love.
Shay holds a FdSc degree in Applied Canine Behaviour & Training, BSc (Hons) degree in Canine Behaviour Management, and a MSc degree in Applied Animal Behaviour & Training.
Shay has particular interests in olfaction, canine enrichment, promoting ethical dog guardianship and transferring academic knowledge into user-friendly information for the general public.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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