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Pricing Mindset with the Distinctive Pet Business Coach - Helen Motteram.

In this webinar we will look at simple ways to price your services with confidence.

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Meet the instructor

Helen Motteram

Helen Motteram is an international Pet Behaviourist and Business Coach. She strives to support other kind and ethical pet professionals to help position themselves as the expert with their niche offering.
Helen's background is in event marketing and business support where collaborating is the key in the community!She has always had a passion for animal welfare, working as a pet behaviourist helping anxious dogs and running her own bird rescue.
After business mentoring from industry experts such as Robin Waite, Helen has helped create the ideal 'work life balance' by supporting other professionals with that all important time management and helping them create bespoke training programmes as opposed to just single sessions.Helen is the founder of the Pet Professional Network - committed to offering the best business support and educational platform.
Fun fact - Helen has a pet rook called Russell Crow! Just Google to hear more 
Patrick Jones - Course author

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