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iPet Network Level 2 
An Introduction to Canine Body Language

This qualification is suited to people wishing to learn more about their dogs, and how they communicate.

7 Guided Learning Hours
9 Months Completion

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What's included?

  • Monthly 1-2-1's with your tutor
  • Live Teaching Events
  • Peer Groups
  • Study Groups
  • Enriched Learning
  • Responsive & Timely Support
  •     Entry to our Private Community

Understand canine communication 

The iPET Network Level 2 Award in Canine Body Language is designed to be flexible to meet the real life needs and circumstances of its Candidates. It is aimed at Candidates who wish to gain the theoretical knowledge of canine body language and communication.
This qualification is suited to both dog guardians wishing to learn more about their dogs, and individuals working with dogs in a professional capacity.
Canine body language serves as a vital means of communication between dogs and their handlers, but it is often misunderstood or overlooked. 

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Be able to 'read' your dog

This qualification will enable Candidates to better understand the body language and communication signals displayed by canines and how to respond appropriately, helping to promote good welfare and prevent potential conflicts. Completion of this qualification provides an excellent platform for progression into dog ownership, utilising the knowledge in the workplace (e.g. as a dog walker, groomer, kennel assistant, breeder or dog sitter) and/or completing further study in the subject area. Leading behaviour and training industry experts have reviewed this qualification to ensure the outcomes are appropriate and meet the needs of both owners and professionals with an interest in canine body language.
Meet the instructor

Sonia Catherall

Sonia is a Certified Canine Behaviourist with ICB. She also holds a range of training qualifications and is an ACE Associate Tutor and a City & Guilds Scentwork Instructor. She has many years of experience training both dogs and their humans; helping to build strong trusting relationships. In particular, she specialises in dogs who’s behaviour stems from being overwhelmed by the intensity of their lives. Both ends of the lead need to work together in these cases, and Sonia has the expertise to support the challenge of building trust and finding harmony. Sonia has built up a successful business working mainly online, based on her success across this wide range of canine disciplines. She herself is supported by Harry, her friend and teacher who himself has displayed a number of behavioural challenges since puppyhood, which they have mostly overcome together. Sonia’s commitment to teaching and learning is ongoing, so her knowledge is both current and expanding.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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