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Feline Body Language & Communication

If you have ever wondered what your cat’s behaviour means, this is a must course for you! Self-taught with no assessments.
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Become fluent in cat!

In this course we explore cat body language and communication. We will start by looking at the feline senses and move on to consider how these senses influence how cats communicate with one another and with us humans. We then move on to consider the different ways in which cats communicate and how they express themselves through their body language.

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Meet the instructor

Dr Emily Stone

Dr Emily Stone received her PhD in Anthrozoology from the University of Exeter in 2020. Her doctoral research was focused on exploring the practices and discourses of breeding and exhibiting pedigree cats in the UK. Emily has previously worked in feline welfare and currently works on a range of anthrozoological issues and research areas as a casual postdoc and research fellow.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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