Taking Our Responsibilities Seriously

Why we want to ensure you do the best for both your clients, their animals and yourselves
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Benefits of our peer led practice meetings

Let's talk about governance!

What is it?

Let's talk about governance! With our professional courses comes responsibilities; both ours as education providers and yours as learners and practitioners. With that in mind we have implemented some clinical governance that is peer led but facilitated quietly by tutors.

Governance is basically a way of ensuring that we are doing a good job and that we work in an accountable and responsible way.

How is it done?

 We hold monthly Zoom meetings, for a maximum of 90 minutes where there is an opportunity to get together with fellow learners and discuss cases, difficult scenarios and learning needs in confidential, safe space.
There you can analyse your work with supportive feedback and share ideas and knowledge. It is a great way of thinking about your own work and making changes where needed and getting support from other who can appreciate what the impact of the work is.

Who needs it?

It is a compulsory requirement of all learners on the following courses who are working with cases: 
  • Canine Behaviour Advanced
  • Canine Behaviour Expert
  • Professional Dog Trainer
  • Working with Aggression
  • Working with Rescues
  • Feline Behaviour Advanced 

Students are expected to attend a minimum of four sessions per year if working with cases. If you do not currently have a caseload, please email to confirm that you are currently non-practising and then your attendance will not be required, although you are still welcome to attend.
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