Artificial Intelligence- Use & Requirements

Use of Artificial Intelligence Policy

From 1 August 2024, all Learners must include a statement in their portfolio to confirm if/how they have used GenAI in their work. The absence of any such statement will be considered a declaration that GenAI has not been used in preparing the work.

All learners must include one of the following statements in the title page of each submission: EITHER I acknowledge the use of (insert AI software name)to*:
 · generate materials for background research and independent study*
· generate materials that I have adapted to include within my final assessment*
· refine writing / improve grammar within my final assessment*
I confirm that no content from generative AI has been presented as my own work.
* delete any statements that do not apply

OR: I have not used any generative AI tools in preparing this assessment. Learners can copy and paste the relevant text into their submission in the title page. Learners will not be penalised for using GenAI tools in their submitted work, provided the use falls within the latest referencing guidance, see below. However, failing to declare the use of GenAI may be considered under the DGIs research misconduct procedures.

GenAI Statement (before 01 August 2024)
Students are encouraged to include the above statement in their upgrade portfolio and thesis/dissertation submissions if these documents will be submitted before 01 August 2024. If a student does not include a GenAI statement in work submitted before 01 August 2024 the use of GenAI may be still discussed with learners.
Learners should discuss the above with their tutor for further guidance. Guidelines for using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools such as ChatGPT in academic work.

It is important that learners are aware of how to use generative AI tools such as ChatGPT during their studies in an appropriate and transparent way. Cite them right has some background information on AI tools and academic work.

AI tools can help you:
 Help improve your grammar and the structure of your writing
 Generate ideas and images Answer questions using freely available information on the internet

 If you are using an AI tool as part of your academic work, please check that you have used this guidance on how to acknowledge and reference use of these tools.

A. If you are not sure whether you can use generative AI in your academic work, please check with your module tutor for the latest guidance.

B. Please be aware - practice and guidance in this area will change over time, so you should regularly check back at this guide for the most up to date advice from the DGI to ensure your referencing is up to date.

C. While AI tools can be helpful, they should not be used to generate all or part of an assessment which you go on to submit as your own work.

D. It is important to note that AI tools do not always output accurate information, so you should verify any content that you plan to use in your academic work.
In addition, any content you generate using an AI tool such as ChatGPT will need to be adapted and critically analysed.

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