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An Easy Guide to Canine Body Language

Start learning how to ‘speak dog’ with our Easy Guide to Canine Body Language and Behaviour.

What's included?

  • 1 Guide to the many aspects of canine body language
  • 1 Certification

Become a Fluent in Dog Language

Dogs are expert communicators. They use their bodies to give clear signals for how they are feeling, thinking and responding to situations. Learning this language is not difficult, and is something you can get more skilled at the more you observe dogs. 

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Meet the instructor

Teresa Tyler

Teresa Tyler is the Director of TheDoGenius Ltd. An Anthroozologist, animal behaviourist, veterinary nurse and human psychotherapist, with a keen interest in human/canine interactions. Teresa has developed the DoGenius to provide opportunities for people wanting to understand, work and share their lives with dogs from a dog-centric perspective. The courses encourage the recognition of other animals as ethically significant beings, and that an understanding of these interactions, is a moral imperative. She is completing a PhD in Cyprus where she also works as a writer, teacher and canine behaviourist.
Patrick Jones - Course author